Top Countries Nigerians Can Easily Migrate To

If emigrating from Nigeria is what’s at the back of your mind, then you’ll appreciate this information. I’ve put together a list of the top countries you can easily migrate to as a Nigerian. Let’s begin.

It’s no longer news that Nigerians travel a lot. Several factors influence this decision by Nigerians to move to other countries including the need to seek greener pastures. After all, the political and economic instability in the country is well documented.

Many skilled and educated individuals travel to countries where their skills are needed and can be harnessed. It is estimated that over 15 million Nigerians are in the diaspora; this means that Nigerians like to find better places to make their new habitat. That said, what are the countries Nigerians find it easy to migrate to?

Here are five countries Nigerians easily move to:

Republic of Benin: This is Nigeria’s next-door neighbor. Although French is the recognized language in the Benin Republic, Nigerians still make their way there because of similarities in the local languages spoken.

There are numerous business opportunities for those seeking to do business.

Cities like Cotonou and Port Novo are industrial hubs. As a Nigerian, making your way to the Benin Republic is seamless. It is less than two hours drive from Lagos State, the commercial capital of the country.

You will be granted access to the Benin Republic as long as you can provide evidence of  Nigeriancitizenship such as a Nigerian passport or an ECOWAS identity card since they are both ECOWAS states.

Ghana: Travelling from Nigeria to Ghana isn’t difficult at all. If you are traveling to Accra by road, it is less than twelve hours.

The only obstacle you might encounter has to be immigration officials stationed at the border.

You’d be granted access if you are found clean at every checkpoint and you can provide proof of Nigerian citizenship. Ghana is attractive because of the stable power supply and the general (English) language spoken.

Ivory Coast: Just like the Republic of Benin and Ghana, migrating from Nigeria to Ivory Coast isn’t exactly difficult. ECOWAS permits you to travel to Ivory Coast without a visa for a grace period of ninety days. Obtaining a visa isn’t a herculean either.

There are numerous business opportunities in Ivory Coast that Nigerians can benefit from due to the industrial and agricultural advancement in the country.

Canada: Canada’s immigration laws are quite flexible and favorable to Nigerians. The country has different immigration programs across its various provinces.

Whether you are migrating to Canada from Nigeria for business, vacation, or educational purposes, you are fully covered. The express entry program is designed to cover for the manpower shortage in the country and Nigerians are taking advantage of this.

Ecuador: Securing a work visa or residence permit in Ecuador is quite easy for Nigerians. The country has a visa program called the pensioners’ visa.

An interesting twist to this is that there is no age limit tied to this visa type. Hence, anyone can benefit from it.

Although it is quite far from Nigeria, Ecuador’s economy is growing in leaps and bounds. It is a clean country situated in South America. The number of Nigerians in this country is increasing steadily.

In summary, these are five countries you really won’t break a sweat to move to work, study, or do business as a Nigerian. So, where’s your next travel destination?

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